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A reminder on power of rap, passion, the law

At this month’s “Spirit of Law” session, USC Professor Jody Armour talked about “how legal professionals find meaning and purpose in the law and use their degrees in innovative and creative ways.” USC.

Armour’s choice of expression was to combine his “childhood experience, current studies and even passion for rap music” to conduct his lecture about “the complexities of race, politics and crime” in the U.S. USC.

Armour’s passion for rap music was inspired by his love for words. He learned the importance of words in law through his father’s experience. His father “was sentenced to 55 years in prison for possession and sale of marijuana” and argued his way out of jail. USC.

Learning from his father’s experience, Armour hopes that the intersection of art and law can help build “political solidarity,” a solution to the current pressing civil rights issues.

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